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What we cover:

The big lie that is holding you back!
PMF—The key to a thriving creative business
How the most iconic brands sell
The secret that makes marketing simply effective
The Plenty Business Model


Gain a clarity around business that you never had before!

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Past Trainings

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March 2024

Selling Creativity

Understand the 3 types of buyers in any company, how to identify them and how to lead them through a sales call.

February 2024

Outpitch Everyone

High-ticket pitching is not about the work. Learn how you can win any pitch without even showing your work.

January 2024

Authentic Content

Learn what is holding you back from posting, how you can find your authentic voice and learn to craft content within minutes.

December 2023

Outreach Powerplay

Stuck in survival mode? Learn how you can reach out, knowing exactly what you need to say to spark interest.

November 2023

Buyers Psychology

Learn the 3 keys to a truly resonating, million-dollar positioning & let me show you some real-world examples.

October 2023

The 3 Mindfucks

Understand the 3 common ways of sabotaging your business and learn why you aren't where you meant to be.

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Tangible Results 🤩

Being seen as the expert makes sales easier.

Honestly, the game changer was tweaking our approach from just showing our work to really communicating the value we bring. It sounds simple, but moving from 'build it and they will come' to actively positioning and marketing our services has made all the difference. Now, our conversations with potential clients are more about listening than selling. We dive into their needs, which takes the pressure off having to prove ourselves over and over.
Since working with Marco, our studio feels different. We're more confident about who we are and who we serve. We’ve honed in on the health and medical sectors, making our offerings more specific and our outreach more targeted. This shift not only attracts the right kind of projects but also aligns better with our studio’s expertise.

Jack Last
Founder, OK-Social

Hey Marko. I’ve already applied what we’ve talked about and it has made it easy to close deals AND I now have a bit too much work on!!!

Daniel Neale
Founder, Motionstory

I doubled my quote on Marko's suggestion; the client accepted.

When I came to Marko, I was starting to have more work than I could handle. I didn't know what to do, especially about growing into a studio. Marko told me nobody knows what they're doing, and there is no one way to do it. That hit home. The whole experience with Marco was about figuring out what works for me. Discussing problems and setting goals with him was incredibly helpful. His masterclass and check-ins added even more value. I had an issue with low prices, attracting bad clients. Marko helped me see that. Raising my prices got rid of those clients, and it was for the best. Why recommend Marko? He's got real experience running a creative agency and knows the pitfalls. He shares his failures and learnings, which are incredibly insightful. Plus, he's kind and patient – everything you want in a great teacher. One thing that stands out is a project where I doubled my quote on Marko's suggestion. The client accepted, and that alone paid for his services. Marko gave me the push to think bigger, and it paid off.

Hershey Sufrin
Founder, Sufrin TV

A staggering 100% increase in revenue without acquiring new clients

I started working with Marko a few months ago, grappling with issues like pricing, self-esteem, and valuing my work. The most significant change since working with Marko? A massive boost in confidence and a clear action plan to increase my pricing. Before Marko, I didn't realize the untapped potential in my client relationships. He helped me see the need to maximize the benefits of my services. We restructured my work efforts, which led to a staggering 100% increase in revenue without acquiring new clients. This revenue boost wasn't just about numbers; it transformed our studio. We're now in a comfortable position, delivering better work and attracting superior clients. What stands out is how Marko assisted me in submitting an estimate to a major client on a tight deadline. His guidance was instrumental in getting the largest budget I've ever proposed approved. This single action doubled our revenue over the next few months. I'm incredibly grateful for Marko's help, which has taken our studio to new heights. His coaching has been a game-changer, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their business.

Marc Vilarnau
Founder, Bisulala

Marko redefined my standards and made me go after bigger fish for my podcast — It worked

My journey with Marko has been transformative. As an entrepreneur in design strategy, I was often distracted by 'shiny objects'. Marko's support brought much-needed clarity, helping me narrow my focus in industrial design and design strategy. His NLP background led to challenging conversations, which were crucial in reframing my perspective and tackling challenges effectively. I'd recommend Marko to anyone feeling stuck or looking to think bigger. He's great at challenging your thoughts, keeping you accountable, and pushing you to grow. With his guidance, I've also refined my approach to hosting my podcast, engaging more deeply with guests like Joe Foster of Reebok and
Stefan Ytterborn of Cake. Marko's coaching has given me clarity and confidence, enabling deeper conversations with clients and leaders. If you're ready to question your beliefs and grow, Marko is your go-to guy. He's helped me focus on what truly matters, driving my business with clarity and passion.

Robert Inderbitzin
Founder, Reframe

Nearly 2x revenues and closing higher deals with better margins

Marko is a catalyst for change. His coaching and consulting transformed our business. It was an arduous process – not by his fault, but by our doubts and challenge to focus. Despite ourselves, he guided us through one of our driest seasons into our best years yet. Eighteen months after our first session, we've increased our revenue by nearly 2x, closing more deals with higher margins while continuing to attract better clients. Follow the program, put in the effort, and stick it out. Your business will never be the same.

Aaron Johnson
Partner, Stewart Design

Markos attention to detail is only matched by his ability to get to the essence of ideas and organizing the work into a flawless delivery.

Samer Lahoud
Creative Director, TBWA

Marko helped us to win multiple dream clients within 2 weeks of working together.

Felix Schwarz
Co-Founder, The Apic

To truly elevate our art and break through any barriers, we need to acquire essential business skills that can take our creativity to unimaginable heights! Want to learn how? Reach out to Marko Pfann today! With Marko's guidance, I unearthed a hidden skill within me that I did not even know existed. I am now able to teach others how to exude confidence on camera. Kudos to you, Marko! Your brilliance knows no bounds!

Deyson Ortiz
Motion Master Templates

Marko is a fantastic coach. He has really helped us to step up - in how we position ourselves, and how we approach finding new clients. As well as how we talk to clients in a way that helps identify their problems and gain their trust. On top of all of his really clear and practical advice, Marko has also been fantastic at helping us appreciate the value we already have and how to communicate it. This has led to newfound confidence and has helped to shift our perspective. With his guidance, we've found the strength to get out of our comfort zone to be more ambitious. There's no denying that Marko's continued help and support have led us to significant growth.

Adam Gill
Founder, Joyo (Ex Google)

Marko's energy and clarity are insane. He jumps right in and keeps the goal in focus the whole day. Result: positioning, product definition, plus a plan for marketing. Immediately actionable and grained with success. It doesn't get any better than that. Thank you, Marko.

Tina Rapp
Founder, Business Coach

Marko has a unique talent for identifying potential in business and relationships. As his new biz dev mentee, he has helped me build confidence as well as providing me with all the tools, education and guidance to thrive.

Pedro Faria
Sales Rep, HUGO Creative

Marko has a great way of nailing down and seeing your potential. He keeps one motivated and is as excited about ones success almost as much as you. With his impressive experience in the creative world, his networking abilities and curiosity I will be back when I start to scale my business.I managed to sign on two clients with a third in the pipe and grow my network whilst under the guidance of Marko. Highly recommend. If you're on the fence - jump on a call it will be worth it.

Andre Gagiano
Founder Life Coach

I really can't recommend Marko enough to creative business owners. He has delivered so much clarity and wisdom in a few weeks and has answered questions and addressed struggles that I've been dealing with for years. One of the thing that impresses me most about his masterclass is that he provides a framework for an entire creative business AND a framework for actually doing it. He knows the creative business and market inside and out. And he knows the weaknesses of creative business owners. I'll be processing and implementing everything I've learned for months, probably years.

Joe Rule
Founder, Raconteur

Marko helped me to be seen as an expert, not a vendor, and so win new projects without excessive pitches.

Mark Eyrich
Founder, Licht & Stories

My experience working with Marko? It's all about clarity. Before partnering with him, I felt trapped in a small room. Marko didn't just open the door; he threw open the windows too, bringing in a fresh perspective on problems and solutions. He helped me see possibilities I hadn't considered and guided me towards my goals. What stands out about Marco is his genuine experience. He's not just a guy who's read a few books or come up with ideas in the shower. He's walked the path he's guiding you on, which makes a world of difference. Working with someone who's been in your shoes, who's navigated the journey themselves – that's invaluable. So, if you're a creative at a crossroads, needing a new perspective, or focusing on a specific goal, Marko is your go-to guy.

Jörg Fuchs
Design Lead – Edge & Node

We gave Marko and the team very little by way of a brief, and even less by way of time to complete the job. The job was done, exceeding our expectations.

Cyba Audi صبا عودة
News Anchor

We have had some insane growth percentages since we started working with Marko. Something like 40% in the first year and 100% in the second year. So we actually tripled our revenue and raised our profits to +40% within 18 months. — On top of that, we are now working with brands like META, Headspace, and even superstars from sports like João Félix and Ronaldo. Thank you Marko!

João Freitas
Founder, Mezzolab

I personally want to extend my deepest gratitude to Marko. His professional guidance, coupled with his amiable nature, has been a tremendous asset to our team. His advice has always been spot-on, leading us to paths we never thought possible. So, a big thank you to Marko, not just for being an incredible professional but also for being a great individual. Your contributions have been a cornerstone of our success here at Morgenluft.

Stephan Scholdra
Co-Founder, Morgenluft

The A.H.A. moment for us was when we were in a meeting with a big client, and he excepted all our terms. That was due to the positioning work we did with Marko. His techniques work. Today we are working only with big brands like Orange, Telecom, G.T.I., or Samsung. And we do it directly.

Séan Walsh
Co-Founder, Riift Studio

Winning the German Brand Award proofs the concept

Our work with you led to big changes at Phoenix. Winning the German Brand Award showed how much our brand improved. Our new website and messaging attracted more clients and made us more visible. Moreover, our new found internal focus on enhancing marketing and communication strategies has led to noticeable business growth and a stronger market presence. Your role in this business transformation has been invaluable, and we are immensely grateful for your impactful contribution.

Andreas Diefenbach
Partner, Phoenix Design

A 3x increase in budgets, and a significant revenue growth

I simply didn’t know what I didn’t know! I knew we had the skills to sell 6-figure websites, but I couldn’t find a way to break through on my own. Thanks to your mentorship, OldSpeak has transformed. We've moved from seeing $20,000 as our ceiling for website prices to confidently tripling that, understanding our worth and no longer feeling intimidated in rooms with high-end buyers; this newfound confidence is invaluable. Achieving our break-even point before Q3 was a milestone, as was overcoming a scarcity mindset, enabling me to confidently price our services. This shift, along with your pricing strategy, has elevated our market stance and tripled our project values.

Allen Pieper
Founder, Oldspeake

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