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Brave Clients

Build a sustainable creative business and create the work you are proud of

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Train yourself in the skills to run a successful creative business on your terms.

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Brave Clients; 
Nice Budgets

For creative entrepreneurs that want to build an authentic expert business

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Better Clients; 
Better Budgets

Fixing the marketing & sales problem of creative studios

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My name is Marko Pfann, and I'm on a mission to build a more sustainable creative industry by helping one studio at a time to tap into their full potential and attract dream clients.

What I do

I help creative companies to build a sustainable business and get beyond the 1 million-dollar mark.


1. Gain Clarity

We'll do a 4-6 hour workshop in person or via Zoom. I will help to plan your growth, think bigger, gain clarity and focus so you know what to do and you are empowered to accomplish bigger goals with more ease.
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2. Gain Accountability

I help to grow your business through powerful exercises and holding you accountable for your output. You will think bigger, and get out of your own way and eventually break through your glass ceilings.
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Team Trainings

3. Implement Processes

I help to implement lead-generation, marketing and sales processes and I train your team using them. The goal is a self-leading, responsible team-culture so you can let go of the need to control everything.
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M&A Guidance

4. Exit or Scale?

Wanting to scale with a partner? Seeking to merge your company or get acquired by a big agency? I will guide you through the process from finding a buyer, going through the due-diligence to negotiating and closing the deal.
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Why you need help

Still competing?
Stop pitching; differentiate instead. Know how you are unique and what your business value truly is.
Are you independent?
You'll become highly independent from sales reps, lead agencies, and even word-of-mouth referrals.
No healthy cash-flow?
You'll gain control over your cash-flow and never wonder where the next job might come from again.
Lacking big budgets?
A premium business model will help you to effortlessly attract bigger budgets. You'll learn how to do that.
Lacking fresh opportunities?
Create high-ticket business opportunities by combining networking, digital marketing, and traditional sales methods.
Need an outreach process?
You'll understand how to gain premium budget access from decision-makers so you can perform at your best.


I guide creative entrepreneurs to build million-dollar businesses, doing what they love doing most.

From low budget to high-ticket-clients

No access to premium budgets.
We tweaked the service based offer so they could solve bigger problems.
Revenue increased by nearly 2x, and they are closing more deals at higher margins while continuing to attract better clients.

"Follow his program, put in the effort, and stick it out. Your business will never be the same."

Aaron Johnson
Stewart Design, USA

From tiny studio to niche leader

Thinking too small.
We expanded his offering from selling videos to something that attracted bigger investors.
Joeri's studio became the biggest video marketing agency in the crypto space in just one year.

"We have grown from a tiny studio to a huge one in just a year."

Joeri Pross
Hypercube, Netherlands

From local companies to global brands

Attracting the wrong people.
Adapting their services based offer as well as their market positioning to attract bigger brands.
The studio has grow 40% in the first year and 100% in the second year and is now working with brands like META, Headspace, etc.

"We tripled our revenue within 18 months after working with Marko."

João Freitas
Mezzolab, Portugal

The creative business is no rocket science!

Gurus tell us that business is complex, like rocket science. We get stuck because of their scary, complex, stale, and outdated thinking. — I treat business like a fun game.

Business is simple, don't complicate it.

I simplify business for creative pros, so you can move faster, win bigger opportunities, and may even have some fun doing it.