Stop whining—winners are made in a recession 😫

Unspoken Insights — Edition 5 — May 12th, 2024

Digital film will kill your job!
That scared everyone 20 years ago. Now we chuckle, but back then? Pure terror.

I've lived through that seismic shift. Guess what? Post-digital, jobs didn’t just survive; they multiplied. AI's gonna do the same.

BUT, don’t sit tight and wait for change to kick in. Get out front, lead the charge, or you will end up missing out on yet another huge opportunity.

The big issue now?
Generational values are shifting, and old-school marketing ain’t cutting it.
The new breed craves fresh stories, vibrant colors, and dynamic animations.
Grab this by the horns!

Here's how you crush it in the downturn:

Be the Expert

Dive deep into what the next generation of buyers wants.
Understand their values, how they think, and what catches their attention.
It's your job to coach brands on speaking their language fluently and authentically.
Your clients want you to be the expert.
Nail this, and you're not just surviving; you're thriving and commanding big budgets.

Slow down 'Selling'
Trust is scarce these days.
In a world where everyone’s pitching, be the one who takes it slow.
Take your time.
Add personal touchpoints, meet people face-to-face—yes, damn it.
Show up.
Stop complaining that no one reaches out and take the first step.
This will shortens sales cycles, deepen relationships, and jobs will roll in.

Let them experience YOU
Brands don't need another flashy ad.
Brands need to learn how to connect with the next generation.
With today’s buyers. Brands suck at connecting with them.
You may be one of them. So you know.
Brands are looking for experts now.
You can be that expert. Help them figure it out.
You don't need to have all the answers yet. Nobody does.
Burn your portfolio. Show your value through action.
Offer workshops. Start helping.
People want to experience how you think, not just what you can do.
Give them the chance to experience YOU, not only your work.

Ignore the doom.
There's plenty of room to grow for those who show they can think ahead.
The steps above will help you be that person.

Join us.
Once you are ready to stand out, like really stand out, let me know.
I'm putting together a group to tackle this head-on.

We start in June.
Let's overcome these challenges together.
DM me if you want to learn more.
Let’s help you shine :)

Marko 'Kingmaker' Pfann

Reach out.
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