How to unlock big budgets from any client 🤩

Unspoken Insights — Edition 4 — May 5th, 2024

Alright, buckle up and get ready for some real talk. Don't let your clients' limiting beliefs hold you back. Crush those barriers and set the pace. Lead them out of their cozy zones; that's how you both grow.

Playing it safe?
Nah, that's like trying to dance with lead shoes. Suffocating.
When I launched my coaching gig after selling my studio in 2014, it was a wild ride of thrill and terror. Who was I to guide others, right?

I started small, catering to freelancers and tiny studios. But guess what? I was absorbing their limits like a sponge. Five years wasted on clients cozy in their comfort zones. I'd penned myself in.

No growth, not for me, not for them. Quick hacks were all they asked me for, no real transformation in sight.

I was on the brink of quitting, until it hit me: I was playing it safe, and so were my clients. What the hell?

So, I changed the game. Set the bar beyond their comfort zone. Sent out an email blast, and boom, the timid pigeons scattered, making way for bold studios, hungry for a transformation and ready to pay the big bucks.

How'd I do it?
Stick around, I'm about to spill the secrets on how to bag those big bucks from brave clients and make your business shine. But first, let's talk benefits.

Why bother with big budgets?
Imagine fewer headaches, more cash in your pocket, and clients that trust you all the way. That's the dream we're chasing, right?
Picture having the cash to hire top talent, unleash your creativity, and stilland leave with a healthy profit.

Nah, playing it safe is the real gamble. Shoot for the moon, land among the stars, remember? If you won't you'll end up with a frustrated team AND a frustrated client, because yes they may got what they came for, but they really expected something more.

So, why aren't more folks doing this?
Simple. They're are playing it safe. Newsflash: safe doesn't cut it, at least not for the clients that want that transformation. Clients need you to be bold so they can follow suit. Take the lead, show 'em what you're made of, and lead them to the promised land—working with you.

Here's how people fool themselves by playing it safe:
• Selling services instead of bold dreams
• Accepting their clients goals
• Adopting to their thinking (they hired you to think different, remember)
• Trying to make their limited budgets work (the biggest sin of all)
• Afraid to take the lead and say NO more often!
• Not building a trusting relationship

But don't worry, I got your back.

Here's your new game plan:
Step 1: Sell the big dream
Forget selling services; sell the big picture instead, the dream. Who they could become by working with you. Like my friend Nicole did—she stopped selling "personal fitness training" and started selling the "Wedding Body Bootcamp." That's how you get your clients excited!

Step 2: Be the guide they seek
The game has changed, my friend. No more sitting around waiting for clients to stumble upon you. In today's cutthroat market, they're hunting for more than just any ol' artist—they want a guide, someone who pushes them out of their comfort zones. Show 'em you're the real deal, the safe bet. Nail this, and you'll have clients knocking down your door. That's how you beat the market, my friend.

Step 3: Face Time, Baby
Ever notice how the big brands you love—Apple, Nike, Disney all have a face behind them? It's time you stepped into the spotlight. Stop hiding behind that 27-inch screen and build that personal connection with the market.

Your ticket to success:
Looking back on how we won 7-figure accounts from big tv networks, I realised that it was why we got hired in the firs place. We didn't play it safe. We pushed them out of their comfort zones with big, and bold dreams. They bought into the vision of a better them.

So, what are you waiting for? There are clients out there just waiting for someone like you to show 'em the way.

Get over yourself and let's make it happen!
Your move!

Marko 'Your Guide' Pfann

Reach out.
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