How I kicked my own ass out of survival mode, and how you can too! 😎

Unspoken Insights — Edition 3 — April 27th, 2024

Back in 2014, shit hit the fan.
I had to sell my studio—not out of want but necessity.

My partner hit a personal crisis, stopped expanding, went into survival mode thinking and our dream venture took a nosedive. Suddenly what we built wasn't right anymore. I had to bail.

Why? Because in my mind, stagnation is death, and growth is everything. I'm here build something that inspires people—not to play it safe!

Here’s the deal:
Today, I’m showing you why growth is the only way forward for creatives who want to win, and how you can grab that beast by the horns.

Listen, the only thing trapping you in "survival mode" is you. Forget the economy, the pandemic, or AI boogeymen. We screw ourselves over the moment we stop adapting. As artists, growth isn't just an option; it’s our damn nature—it's how we explore and evolve.

But here’s the kicker:
Many of us hit a little success and then freeze like deer in headlights. Safe? Sure. But it’s also a one-way ticket to frustration and running in place.

I’m here to show you the way out. Feeling stuck? Frustrated? Strap in. I've got something for you that’s going to shake things up.

You’re playing the wrong damn game
1. Your own stories are chaining you down.
2. These tales twist your gut up about sales and marketing.
3. You feel like crap, so you don’t act.
4. Half-assed actions? Half-assed results.
5. And those crappy results just staple those crappy stories right back onto you.

Think about the “starving artist” crapola. We've all bought into it, but it's bull. It's just a self-fulfilling prophecy keeping you broke.

Here's how to flip the script:
Step 1: Pick a new you
Choose a hero. Mine was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not for his biceps but his brains and balls. Pick someone who makes you wanna leap outta your comfort zone.

Step 2: Set new rules
I kept asking myself, “What would Arnold do?” This ain’t just about pumping iron. It’s about pumping your day full of actions that matter. Stop thinking what you could do. Start doing and learn what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be lightyears ahead.

Step 3: Drop the dead weight
You can’t step up if you’re clinging to the old you. There’s no middle ground. You wanna attract the big fish? Then you gotta swim in the deep end.

Cut out the junk—projects that don’t light you up, clients that drag you down. Draw lines in the sand with anyone or anything that keeps you tethered to the old, small you.

Challenge yourself daily; get comfortable with being uncomfortable because that’s where growth muscles up. Dive into those deep waters, be the big fish, and let the world see what you’re made of.

This isn’t about changing what you do—it’s about transforming who you are. It’s about not just meeting but smashing those pathetic standards that hold you back.

The key to your success is to create new personal standards. Because we all fall back to our standards, not our ideals.

My standard is to take action every single day. And the more I do it the less scary it becomes and the bigger the actions I effortlessly take.

Ready to stop being the background character in your own damn story?
1. Decide who you want to be.
2. Rewrite your story by setting new rules.
3. Drop the dead weight! 
4. Own it, keep at it and reap the rewards.

Do it yourself. Yes you can!
Want help? Reach out and let’s torch those old tales and start fresh. Let’s get fired up, damn it.

What are you doing this for anyway?!

Your Marko (Arnold) Pfann

Reach out.
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