Holy smokes… I totally lost control at OFFF 2024 🤣

Unspoken Insights — Edition 0 — April 8th, 2024

Here I am at the airport, just watching people hustle by, and I'm deep in thought about the insane last few days.
What a wild ride…
I got invited to lead my podcast in a big talk at OFFF in Barcelona.
It was CRAZY.

So much to take in…
The speakers, the crowd, the chats…
I made new buddies, met my heroes, shared the stage with legends and stars, bumped into Timothy Goodman in a taxi, and even recorded a podcast with him.
Caught Timothy's session, and also soaked in brilliant talks by PJ Richardson & Heike König.
I got inspired, pumped up, partied hard, and lost control on stage.
Why does this matter to you?
Here’s what I figured out…

There are two kinds of creative people.
The students and the masters.
The students are all about showing off their skills.
You could see it in their presentations…
All focused on THE WORK…
And like a fast-food rush, it quickly faded.
The masters, though, they shared their view of the world, their PERSPECTIVE.
They weren’t just competing.
They showed their work, sure, but they really talked about their PERSPECTIVE.
Like business, relationships, and mess-ups.  

The future of the industry, etc.
That really stuck with me.
So, how did my panel turn out?
It was quite a show.
Having Joshua Davis, Vincent Lammers (BUCK), Stephy Fung, and Valley Duhamel together on stage brought a mix of PERSPECTIVES.
Different paths.
Different thoughts.
Different realities.
AND vastly different PERSPECTIVES.

Folks lined up for what felt like miles to get in.
They had to open up a second room.
People didn’t come for the work…
They came for the TALK…
They were there for themselves.
And yet… Many couldn’t get in.
I kicked off the panel with a tale about how I botched a pitch and lost half a million in 15 minutes.
Then I threw out the first question…
And that’s when it happened…
With such awesome speakers, I lost control within 2 minutes.

(I expected to last at least 5 minutes 😂)
My initial plan? Out the window.
I winged it.
It got real.
My guests really opened up.
The questions took on a life of their own.
There were debates.
We shared real insights.
And then, the audience got into it.
They engaged.
It turned personal.
40 minutes flew by in a blink.
People wouldn’t stop talking about it even after we wrapped up.
I’m still blown away.
But why?

Why did people line up?
Why did they come?
It was the only talk where NO WORK WAS PRESENTED.
Yet it quickly became one of the most discussed events.

Because nobody was there for the work.
Everyone showed up for the PERSPECTIVES.
Because it's those PERSPECTIVES, those viewpoints, the expertise of others that guide us.
And there, I proved my point.
Yes, your work is amazing and stunning…
But like my audience on that day, your clients are looking for more than just the work or inspiration; they want your PERSPECTIVES.
They're there for themselves.
They want to figure out how to steer their business, their life.
They’re eager to hear from the masters, the experts, from you!
They're not just there to see the student showcase their skills.
They want authenticity.
A conversation.
To share experiences.
To get real.
Here’s what I want to say: Keep doing the work, own it, show it off.
BUT SHARE YOUR PERSPECTIVES, your knowledge, your stories.
That’s why people will line up for miles to work with you.


Figure out how this applies to you!
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