Stuck surviving?

When we feel stuck, we limit our thinking and what we believe is feasible. We get stuck in survival mode by thinking too small and settling for less.

I will change your thinking and your business by delivering a fresh perspective. You will think bigger, see new opportunities, and act on a higher level.

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Stop competing!

9 out of 10 creative studios struggle to survive. The reason is simple. They focus on becoming the best competitor. Are you one of them?
If so, you ended up competing not only on quality but prices, too. It's why you keep attracting low-budget clients.
The paradox is that the high-ticket clients at the top are not interested in your services but your expertise.
The way to the top is simple yet scary to most I talk to because you have to shatter some glass ceilings.

Heroes seek guides

Times are uncertain. Everyone struggles with clarity these days. Guidance based on your expertise is probably the most valuable thing you can offer these days.
Instead of competing and trying to stand out as a hero in the creative industry, make your clients the heroes in their stories. Next, position yourself as the relevant guide on their journey.

Here's how we'll do it

Claim your expertise
Productize your services into expertise
Market the sh*t out of your expertise

My approach

Become the least risky option by claiming your expertise

Stop selling your time and skills. You'll get into a rat race that you will not win. Instead, claim your expertise and maybe even create your own market.

Why coaching?

But how?

1. Position to earn trust

Position as a relevant expert to attract kick-ass projects.

Hero positioning > no market trust > unappreciative, low-budget clients

2. Promote to gain reach

Promote and market the hell out of your expertise and experience to attract those dream clients.

Dull (or no) promotion > no damn leads > selling is a pain in the ass

3. Propose the least risky option

Propose the least risky option to access decision-makers and close leads at premium budgets.

Complex proposals > no f*cking cash-flow > sleepless nights

Failing at only one of these three core business functions gets you stuck.

Dream clients choose the least risky option! Not simply the best creative idea.

New ideas and fresh thinking that better suit the creative mind.

The authority on coaching creative minds to break through self imposed glass ceilings.

Positioning, marketing, and sales are essential for any business. Yet the traditional way of doing business doesn't work for most creative minds.

We struggle when we apply the old-school static way of doing business. I'll teach you differently; I get you into a business flow—a state of mind where you can apply fresh business thinking quickly and easily.

As a result, my clients build the studios they love  — way faster, with fewer headaches, less confusion, and a lot more fun.

Why work with me?

"Marko helped me build a business that I know is right for this modern landscape. And I definitely wouldn't have got there without him. It was a thought-provoking process, and I highly recommend him."
Andrew Coyle
Shared Beliefs, Melbourne
"Marko's techniques fucking work. He helped us to sign a big client on our terms. Today, we only work with big clients. Marko, god bless you.
Riift Studio, Moldova

The Facts

3,6 Mio

The annual revenue where I got my own studio within the first 18 months.


I won many top-notch design awards incl. Cannes, NY Film Festival, Promax, etc.


My years in the creative industry. From freelancer to studio owner to EP to coach.


I branded many tv-station around the globe — 54 as a studio owner.


The successful cases with creative pros, studios, and even big-name agencies.


The hours of coaching across the globe. From Europe to the US, to Asia, and Australia.

Marko Pfann

A coach, not a guru — I coach because I love to challenge peoples thinking to get them out of their shadows.

After a successful career as a motion-designer and brand-agency owner, I moved on to coaching. I have a blast challenging people and exposing our creative industries limiting beliefs.


In 11 years, I branded 60+ tv-stations, and won 20+ top-notch design awards. And within 18 months, I built & sold a globally operating motion & branding studio, that served the biggest tv-stations from Europe to the Middle East and Asia.
Red Bull TV, Austria  (global tv station branding)
Astro, Malaysia (50 tv-station brandings in 3 years)
Das Erste, Germany (lead agency)

Post 2014

I am a speaker & coach for the creative industry. I successfully trained 100+ creative pros around the globe in new business development.
I developed and tested a unique coaching process
I am coaching leading studios in the EU & US
I became a certified nlp-coach to better help people grow


"I met Marko at his previous company, which we had hired to do an overall brand review of our platform (and over 50 channels) in Malaysia. — My team and I were very impressed at how Marko seemed to get exactly what we were after right from the start."
Rob Middelton
Astro, Malaysia
"We gave Marko and the team very little by way of a brief, and even less by way of time to complete the job. The job was done, exceeding our expectations." 
Cyba Audi
TV-Host, Dubai
"His attention to detail is only matched by his ability to get to the essence of ideas and organizing the work into a flawless delivery."
Samer lahoud
TBWA, Dubai


Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to brand 60+ tv stations around the globe. At most of them, I was in charge of client communication, budgeting, and creative direction.
Over the years, almost a billion people have seen my broadcast work on air.
The clients I worked for taught me the art of business for creative studios, and I'm grateful and consider it an honor to have met so many great people on the way.