Coaching & Workshops

Live workshops and 1:1 coaching at your studio or via Zoom

For fast movers

I know how hard it can be to find the time and mental space to work on your business.

That's why I'm helping you to get sh*t done fast, in my in-person workshops.

In two days, we'll nail down your positioning and your core messaging. On top we will outline your content marketing plan and I'll help you to get your first posts out.

We'll get more done in one day then you did in the past year — guaranteed!

Why a workshop?


Save weeks, even months fiddling around with your positioning and messaging.


Be sure that what you come up with also makes sense from an outside perspective.


Practise your sales talks with me to gain real world sales competence.

What we'll do

Day 1

Market Positioning

We nail down your positioning, create your offer and the 5 core message blocks for your business.
A positioning statement
A relevant, attractive offer
Messaging & storytelling
Day 2

Content Marketing

We create your content framework, setup all tools, and start cranking out your first month of content.
The LinkedIn algorithm
Reveal your 3 hot topics
Creation & publishing
Day 3 (optional)

Social Selling

I'll train you & your team in sales and outreach, so talking about money becomes more natural.
The social sales process
Outreach framework
High-ticket negotiations

How it works

Step 1
Setup Call
We'll schedule a 30 minute set-up call to go through your expectations.
Step 2
I'll send you a questioner to get you start thinking about the the outcomes.
Step 3
2-Day Workshop
walk you through my mental models and best practises. This will blow you mind!
Step 4
Follow-Up Calls
We'll have 2 follow-up calls within 6 weeks where I help to implement our results.
Step 5
VIP Support
You'll have 6 weeks of VIP implementation support via email or private messaging.


1:1 Zoom

We are working over zoom and meet 1-2 times a week.
For creative entrepreneurs that want to work on themselves & their business.
12x 1:1 coaching sessions
3-month support period
EUR 10.000
Schedule a call


I come to your studio and we work together for 2,5-days.
For studios that want to include their team and/or partners in the process.
2,5 days at your studio
3 weeks of support
EUR 10.000
Schedule a call

Custom 1:1 Sessions

We are working over zoom and talke one topic
For creative entrepreneurs that need quick help and some answers.
60 min 1:1 coaching


A public group coaching workshop in your city where your peers can join in.
2 full days in your city
You provide the room
Minimum of 10 people

USD 1.000 p.p.

*prices exclude VAT (relevant to EU countries only).

Workshop Results

"While working with Marko, we got to the essence of what clients need and want to hear and how to integrate that into our website. Now, when we get on a call with new clients, they have a clearer picture of what to expect from us, which is a huge advantage because we can close even big deals faster."
Faruk Heplevent
The Scope, Hamburg
"Marko helped me build a business that I know is right for this modern landscape. And I definitely wouldn't have got there without him. It was a thought-provoking process, and I highly recommend him."
Andrew Coyle
Shared Beliefs, Melbourne

Is this for you?

We'll get more done in one day then you did in the past year — guaranteed!

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