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Implement a lean marketing system and learn to access the budgets you need to create the work that lets you stand out, without scaling your company.
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Do you feel that invisible ceiling?

You want to access big budgets from brave clients without scaling your company, but you have no idea where to start.

In the Big Budget Bootcamp, I show you how to access the budgets you need to create the work that lets you stand out!

And if it succeeded for me—branding 60+ major TV stations worldwide, growing my studio from ground zero to 4MIO in just 18 months, selling it, and subsequently coaching over 300 studio owners using the same methods—then it can surely work for you too!

You hoped entering the creative industry would bring lead to amazing projects and maybe even financial freedom, right? You wanted to work on your terms, attracting high-ticket clients and building your repitation as an artist.

But somehow, it's not quite working out yet.
Everywhere you look, you see others landing big-budget projects, while you're left wondering what you're missing.

Are you either overwhelmed with boring work, or facing periods where you can't seem to land any projects at all?

You spend hours on LinkedIn and other platforms, but no matter how much effort you put in, you just can't seem to connect with the right clients. — You're questioning the viability of your business.

I know exactly what it feels like to be overlooked despite outstanding work or to wonder why despite all efforts, securing big-budget projects remains out of reach, struggling with the fear of not making it.

By implementing a mentor's advice and focusing on a million-dollar mindset, positioning, and a high-ticket offer strategy, I've transformed not only my business in the past, but also the businesses of my clients over the past decade.

You didn't dive into the creative industry to feel stuck or unfulfilled. If you're not working on projects that excite you and pay well, you are not reaching your full potential.

To truly break through that invisible ceiling, you need a system that allows you to attract and work with clients who value your expertise and are ready to invest.

I want you to know that balancing creative passion with profitable projects is achievable, and it can be done on your terms.

What if…

you woke up on morning filled with anticipation because you are working on an amazing project with some brave clients that have the budgets you need to create outstanding work.

  • Identify and access your ideal buyers, ready to buy
  • Know exactly what to offer and how to price your services
  • Find the clarity and confidence to create powerful content
YES, that would be AMAZING!

Part 1


8 key-lessons that will enable you to finally access big budgets from brave clients

1. Million-$ Mindset

Clarify your vision, outline a journey, and build that million-$ mindset.

2. Million-$ Positioning

Nail down your million-$ positioning that speaks to real decision makers.

3. High-Ticket Offer

Craft a high-ticket offer and become the first choice for your ideal buyers.

4. Million-$ Pitch-Deck

Get my million-$ pitch deck and outpitch anyone, anytime, anywhere.

5. Expert Workshops

Design a expert workshop that attract & convert high-ticket buyers.

6. Outreach Powerplay

Create an outreach framework to access decision makers on LinkedIn.

7. Selling Creativity

Authentically sell creativity even to cold leads without feeling sleazy.

8. Creative Direction

Master creative direction, so you can successfully lead clients & creatives.

Bonus: Authentic Content Writing

Craft authentic content for LinkedIn & watch people reaching out to you.

Part 2


The following advanced lessons will get you beyond the million-$ mark — limited VIP seats available

9. Psycho Content

Attract better clients with advanced psychological content frameworks.

10. Lead Magnet

Reveal your unique expertise, and become fluent in "business talk".

11. Signature Reel

Craft a signature reel and become the go-to-expert for decision makers.

12. Stage Performance

Master stage performance and turn your pitch into a lasting impression.

13. Marketing Automation

Set up a marketing funnel to automate your lead generation.

14. Billion-$ Campaigns

Run billion-$ campaigns, and become omnipresent without spending a fortune on ads.

Enrollment Options

My next live training starts in early April. Join the waitlist below now, and secure your Early-Bird-Price
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Part 1: Online Self Study


Start your journey towards a million-$ business. Digest the lessons on your own. Includes community support.

What’s included
  • 8 replays of BUSINESS TRAINING
  • Caution: lesson recordings only
  • Includes worksheets & templates
  • 3 month free community access
Part 1: Live Trainings


Choose this option to get to the million-$ mark. Enjoy live workshops with me and 10 fellow studio owners.

What’s included
  • 8 live Zoom group calls + Q&A
  • Limited to 10 seats
  • 12 month free community access
Private Training Sessions


Want more personal guidance to overcome roadblocks, and move much faster? I got you covered.

What’s included
  • includes CORE TRAINING
  • 6 private trainings
  • Available to 6 studios only
  • Take bigger leaps, faster
Part 2: Live VIP Trainings


Choose this option to go beyond the million-$ mark. Get the most out of my trainings with personal guidance.

What’s included
  • 6 private trainings + mastermind
  • Available to 4 studios only
  • Private 24/7 Whats App channel
How it works

The "Training" Model


Join our LIVE training sessions online

No preparation needed. My sessions are designed for creative entrepreneurs focusing on action and building muscle memory with real world examples and exercises.  


Take bold action with clarity and confidence

Work through our action-book and build that muscle memory with simple exercises to keep yourself on track. You'll always know what your next steps are.


Come to our Q&A calls and get your questions answered

Avoid overthinking and roadblocks. Join our weekly Q&A calls, to get your questions answered by me.


Get help & help others; be part of our supporting community

Exchange, network, and stay engaged in our online community! To really get into action, implementing in a group is super valuable!

How to get started

Book a call

Find an appointment in my calendar below. Click here if the calendar is not displayed.

Short questionnaire

Answer a few simple questions so you and I can make the most out of our call.

Free 30 minute call

I answer all of your questions and explain how you will get the most out of this training.

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Does it work?

Real-world results from creative company owners


We are below USD 1 million, can this work for small studios too?

Yes absolutely. I have a clients whom I have personally helped in exactly this transition to break through the 1 million-dollar mark. Check the testimonials. Heck, I even have some freelancers that where able to get amazing results.

We already have an ARR beyond USD 3 million, can you still help us?

Yes, this is not just for small studios. I work with small studios and large agencies up to 10 million in ARR. Anything beyond that is out of my scope.

Do you also help creatives who want to get better at their craft, first?

No. I do not teach skills like design, animation, filmmaking, etc. You must already have mastered your craft. What I teach is for professional creatives, that want to get to a 7-figure annual recurring revenue (ARR), only.

Do you offer group coaching or one-on-one consulting?

It depends on what you want to invest, and need to get to the next level. I offer a group coaching program as well as bespoke one-on-one consultations.

We come from a different industry, will this work for us, too?

No. Please apply only if you are a creative professional or work inside the creative industry. Best suited are these or similar areas: Animation, Copy, Strategy, Design, Branding, Motion Graphics, UX/UI Design, Development, Film, VFX, Web Design, IT, Copywriting, Branding, Art Direction, Editing & Videography, Marketing & Consulting. — I help service based businesses in the creative and tech space. If you are unsure if that's you, reach out.

Do you guarantee specific results?

No. That would be unprofessional. I can never control how much my client commits to implementation. Yet I will discuss in a personal conversation with you what results are realistic for your current situation.

We have no experience with marketing so far. Is it still for us?

Yes, absolutely. You just have to be open to showing yourselves and discovering your natural way of marketing. Be open to changes, and you will achieve extremely positive results.

Will I be able to sign up later at the same price?

The best price is always now! Since quick decisions lead you to success faster, quick deciders are always rewarded with me. See it as a free exercise to learn to make decisions faster.

When does the Bug Budget Bootcamp start?

After purchase, you'll already have access to some of the content to familiarize yourself with the platform and its features. You'll also have access to the the first key lessons. We will kick off with a joint live session on September 18th. The associated group will be opened a few days before the start. All information about this will, of course, be sent to you again via email.

Why don't we have lifetime access?

Because I want you to take action, not hording wisdom. If you have not taken action after 12 months you probably never will. This deadline will help you to focus implementation part which will lead to the desired results. In case you still need more time, you can apply to extend your access for € 200 a month.

We have a specific questions!

Feel free to email me all your questions at: