My live training series


Creative Mindf*cks

Results-focused, action based coaching sessions to help you fix painful issues fast. Treat yourself (or your team) to this 1-on-1 performance coaching and overcome your roadblocks fast, and with more ease.
1. Lead-generation strategies
2. Targeted marketing methods
3. Sales, negotiation and pricing strategies
4. Market positioning, messaging and credential decks
5. and more
Available now

Selling Creativity

Learn secret lead-gen tactics from top, US based sales reps to secure meetings and learn how to close big deals, fast.
1. The secrets of top sales-reps
2. Mindset & the outreach powerplay system
3. Derail the pitch, and get some jobs in fast
4. Master the sales conversation
5. Price and negotiate like a pro
Opening again in November 2023

Outpitch Everyone

A 5-week live training series, to acquire the skills and confidence to consistently win 6-7 figure budgets from great brands.
1. The psychology of pitching  
2. Craft your no-brainer offer
3. Position as a premium studio
4. Craft your million-dollar pitch-deck
5. Present like Steve
Opening again in Feburary 2024

Marketing Powerplay

In this 7-month mastermind progam, we will coach you and a group of creative entrepreneurs through the process of setting up your inbound engine and make it work for you.
Opening again in January 2024