Be authentic — Learn content marketinghigh-ticket selling as a (creative) entrepreneur

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Be authentic — Learn content marketinghigh-ticket selling as a (creative) entrepreneur

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Selling Creativity is now:


Be authentic — Learn content marketinghigh-ticket selling as a (creative) entrepreneur

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Be authentic — Learn content marketinghigh-ticket selling as a creative entrepreneur

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Become so valuable that they can't ignore you!

Value comes from action — But it's not the HOW and WHAT you are missing. You already know what to do. And even if not, it's one google search away. The information is not the problem we are facing; it's WHY we are not applying it that gets us in trouble. And that is why I help you to takle the 6 most common creative mindf*cks that hold you back.

Learn to access premium budgets, win amazing projects, and work with dream clients; all without scaling your studio.

Studios need good sales & marketing people, because owners can not do everything themselves.

Owners need someone to rely on preparing leads and creating opportunities.

Good sales reps are the secret to any thriving studio, but they are hard to find. They are the most wanted professionals in the industry.

Who is this program for?

Creative Companies

You run a studio or production house and want to get more and/or better business? Let me train your in-house team in New Business Development, so you can focus on the creative work and running your studio.
You want a great market positioning
You want lead generation & content marketing
You want to build or already have a small in-house team

(Future) Sales Reps

You want to land a job you love at a top creative studio. Join and qualify for one of the best-paid and most sought after professions in the creative industry.
You are hungry and love talking to people
You know how the creative industry works
Or you already know how to sell

Does this help you?

Yes, it does. Already in the first do we focus on reaching out and getting the first quick wins. After all, you want a return on your investment, right?

How long till I see results?

Within the time of the program you should at least receive a full return on your investment, given you take some action. If that doesn't happen, you simply reach out and we help you to get there.
Yet the goal of this program is to get you to 10x-100x of your investment within the first 6 months. This program was designed to get multiple 6-figure deals into your business.

Does this resonate?

Is something holding you back?

Learn to reach out without fear or hesitation to sell premium offers.

Lacking access to decision-makers?

Learn to get gatekeepers on your side, so they will open the doors for you.

Struggling to get better budgets?

Learn how to become trusted to handle bigger budgets.

Why is this important?

As a creative pro, you need to master New Business Development IF you want to get to the next level.

You'll  will become highly independent from sales reps or lead agencies and even word of mouth referrals.
You'll take control over your business and never ever wonder again where the next job might come from.
You'll finally have a professional process to attract, and win even dream clients reliably.
You'll understand how to gain access to budgets from decision makers to perform at your very best.

This training is not about learning more about your problems, but solving them.

To move fast, we humans need three components.
1. A clear system to teach.
2. Accountability from an authority and
3. Support from a community of peers.
Yet most programs fail their students because all they offer is the system (1). They let their students hang there without any meaningful support.
It's why I developed this on-the-job training. You train while working inside a studio, getting real world feedback; I will personally hold you accountable and together with the community we support your progress.
It's why you will perform better and get results faster.

What we cover

Each module comes with one distinct NLP* mindset exercise to eradicate limiting beliefs that hold you back from taking the action that would guarantee success.
SalesFrame Value


Learn b2b pitching and write the 5 core story messages for any website or pitch deck.
Outside perspective*
Authentic website copy-text
My 8-figure pitch deck
The 5 core brand messages
Business — Define Value


Create a powerful and unique market positioning for your studio.
Scarcity mindf*ck*
Value Proposition
Auth. positioning statement
Business — Propose Value


Create magnetic offers and learn to upsell your products while minimising the risk for your clients.
Scarcity mindf*ck*
Value Proposition
Auth. positioning statement
BusinessCreate Value

Strategy Workshops

Sell strategy with premium and in-demand offers that your clients will love.
Over-thinkers curse*
Premium pricing
High-ticket offers
Productized offer chain
MarketingShare Value


Learn to come up with authentic content in minutes not hours.
Imposter Syndrom*
Social media strategy
Key platforms: Youtube, Podcasting, LinkedIn & IG
12 month content plan
MarketingClaim Value

Secret Sauce

Put your expertise into a compelling model, create a lead magnet & a marketing strategy around it.
Knowledge mindf*ck*
Claim a unique expertise
Effective marketing funnel
Create your marketing asset
Sales — Sell Value


Reach out to decision makers, close big deals fast, and learn to lead any sales negotiation.
Money mindf*ck*
High-ticket sales talks
Your 5-step sales funnel
Negotiate authentically
Bonus: Build Value

Content Team

Delegate responsibilities and learn to help people reach their full potential.
Establish an A-team culture
Responsibility contracts
Reporting & KPIs
A business, built to sell
Bonus (for early birds)

What is high-ticket networking?

Learn how to find or create fresh opportunities for your studio in any industry.
Bonus (for early birds)

Quick Gains Outreach WS

Learn how to find or create fresh opportunities for your studio in any industry.
Bonus (for early birds)

Joint Venture Business

Learn how to find or create fresh opportunities for your studio in any industry.


Multiple micro-transformations lead to one big shift.


Free Training
Creative Mindf*cks
Creative glass ceilings
Your 3-year goal
The 5 creative mindf*cks

Expert Positioning

Learn how to create a powerful & unique market positioning for your studio.
Module 1
Badass Positioning
Build your monopoly
Make irresistible offers
Your profitable positioning
Module 2
Words Sell
Claim your expertise
B2B storytelling
Your hero statement

Authentic Promotion

Learn how to come up with authentic content within minutes not hours.
Module 3
Jumpstart NBD
Community building
JVs & blue oceans
Make irresistible offers
Module 4
Your Content Machine
Authentic content routine
Interviews & podcasts
Professional story framing

Magic Proposals

Learn how to close bigger deals faster, when you lead the sales process.
Module 5
Outreach Mastery
Learn my outreach framework and social selling.
Reach out like e a pro
Creating demand
Daily routines
Module 6
Learn high-ticket sales calls.
The 4 sales talks
Negotiate like a pro
Selling your strategy

What you get

Focused content & exercises

All video modules include actionable exercises to help implement your learnings.

Live Weekly Q&A Calls

Join our weekly community calls and get your questions answered.

8 powerful mind-hacks

I use NLP to help my 1:1 clients break through their glass-ceilings. You'll learn how.

8 game-changing business concepts

I boil everything down to simple mental models so taking action becomes easy.

24/7 Community
Support Platform

Get my full support in the community platform and learn with your peers.

Templates & Frameworks

Get proven scripts, templates & frameworks to hit the ground running.

8 challenges to get quick results

Through weekly guided challenges we ensure that you get the results you came for.

Dream-Job Assistance

We'll play an active role to find a great studio for any individual that is interested.

Get your online certification

Become a certified New Business Manager (NBM) for the creative industry.

How it looks

How it works

Step 1
Watch the video modules
Each Tuesday at 10 am CEST, I will unlock your weekly online video modules.
Step 2
Do our weekly challenges
Invest 60 min per week to watch the pre-recorded session and do the exercises.
Step 3
Join the community
Get feedback and learn with your class-mates in our online community space.
Step 4
Join our weekly Q&A calls
Join Thursdays at 8 pm CEST, to get your questions answered.
Step 5 (optional)
Schedule a 1:1 coaching
Schedule a 60 min coaching session to address your individual challenges.


This offer is a no-brainer — The program is designed to help you get a multitude of your investment back within the time of the training.


For individuals that want to master sales & marketing to get a top job in the creative industry.
8 modules in a sprint
Digital certificate
Weekly Q&A calls


For professionals that want a 1:1 guidance through this process to save time and effort.
8 modules in a sprint
1 hour kickoff call
3-month support
6 private coaching sessions
C. Master


For high-performers that want to share insights and learn from each other.
6 VIP webinars
12-month mastermind
Monthly mastermind calls
*Includes option A+B
EUR 12.000
Schedule a call

A 3-Day

Everything in option A but in person at your office and in depth. You'll walk away with ready to use assets.
Includes option A
3 full day workshops
6-month VIP support
12 team coaching sessions
EUR 12.000
Schedule a call


For business owners that want to get the most out of the market by training their team.
Includes option A+B
12-month VIP support
12 team coaching sessions
EUR 36.000
Schedule a call

Train your team so you can access better budgets, win cool projects, and work with dream clients, without scaling your studio.

Training Results

"The program helped me to be seen as an expert, not a vendor, and so win new projects without excessive pitches."

Mark Eyrich
Licht & Stories, Austria

"Marko's techniques fucking work. He helped us to sign a big client on our terms. Today, we only work with big clients. Marko, god bless you.

Riift Studio, Moldova

Is this for you?

Look, I don't want you to be in this program if it is not 100% what you need. — To find out if you are a good fit, let's have a chat and see if this program is truly the right investment for you at this time.
Book a free 30-minute call and I'll walk you through the process so you can make an informed decision.
Schedule a call

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Try it for 14 days, risk-free. This program is designed to help you get a 10-100x ROI on your investment, provided that you go through the exercises and take action. If you don't think it will be worth your investment during the first 14 days, let me know, and I will refund your money.
How long do I have access to the program?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as this program exists. Watch it again and again, across any device you own.

Will this work for me?

I don't offer you a silver bullet — But if you're willing to do the work, I guarantee a transformative experience that unlocks new opportunities, sometimes even a whole new world.

Marko, how do you know this works?

Because I've done this many times by now, and I have results to show for it. It not only worked for me but also for most of my one-on-one coaching clients. What I've learned is that if you take action, you will get results. I've seen it transform studios from order-takers to respected players in their field.

How fast can I expect results?

I've seen students get their investment back in weeks. Yet, it depends on your situation. More importantly, results depend on how fast and how bold you take action.

Just in case, can I get a refund?

Yes, you can. To be eligible for a refund, you must email me within 14 days of your purchase, including a brief description of why this is not working for you and how I can improve my services.

How do I know that we're a good fit?

The best way to know for sure is to hop on a call with me so we can find out. If you believe this could be a great fit, then let's talk Schedule your free call today.

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