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"We have had some insane growth percentages since we started working with Marko. Like 40% in the first year and 100% in the second year. And we are now working with brands like META, Headspace, etc."
João Freitas
Mezzolab, Portugal
"Marko's energy and clarity are insane. He jumps right in and keeps the goal in focus the whole day. Result: positioning, product definition, plus a plan for marketing. Immediately actionable and grained with success. It doesn't get any better than that. Thank you, Marko."
Tina Rapp
Mental Coach, Munich
"We have grown from a tiny studio to a huge one in just a year. And, I definitely have Marko's inspiration to thank for that. Today, I can honestly say that I'm the founder of the biggest video marketing agency in the crypto space."
Joeri Pross
Hypercube, Netherlands
"Marko helped us to win multiple dream clients within 2 weeks of working together."
Felix Schwarz
The Apic, Stuttgart
"The A.H.A. moment for us was when we were in a meeting with a big client, and he excepted all our terms. That was due to the positioning work we did with Marko. His techniques work. Today we are working only with big brands like Orange, Telecom, G.T.I., or Samsung. And we do it directly." 
Riift Studio, Moldova
"Since we started working with Marko, our revenue has increased by more than 30%, and I think even 40%. Over the years, we always had a little growth, but it was never as significant. Marko is a catalyst for new ideas and developing that into your company." 
Uwe Nadler
Ravir Film, Dresden
Andreas Diefenbacg
PHOENIX Design, Stuttgart
"Marko's techniques fucking work. He helped us to sign a big client on our terms. Today, we only work with the big clients. Marko, god bless you."
Riift Studio, Moldova
"Hey Marko, it will  be probably another week until I’m ready for the next session. I’ve already applied what we’ve talked about and it has made it easy to close deals and I have a bit too much work on!!!"
Daniel Neale
Motionstory, Byron Bay, Australia
"Marko is a catalyst for change. His coaching and consulting transformed our business. It was an arduous process – not by his fault, but by our doubts and challenge to focus. Despite ourselves, he guided us through one of our driest seasons into our best years yet. Eighteen months after our first session, we've increased our revenue by nearly 2x, closing more deals with higher margins while continuing to attract better clients. Follow the program, put in the effort, and stick it out. Your business will never be the same."
Aaron Johnson
Stewart Design, USA
"Marko helped us to set up shop in New York and win clients in the US market while operating out of Chișinău, Moldova."
Valentin Prijilevsky
Brazilero, New York
"We only had one session with Marko. In that session, we received important thoughts and impulses, which helped us to rethink and restructure some parts of our company. The positive effect for me personally was that I gained back a lot of time. But more importantly, the conversations with Marko felt like having a brother with a similar mindset."
Robin Hofmann
HearDis!, Stuttgart
"While working with Marko, we got to the essence of what clients need and want to hear and how to integrate that into our website. Now, when we get on a call with new clients, they have a clearer picture of what to expect from us, which is a huge advantage because we can close even big deals faster."
Faruk Heplevent
The Scope, Hamburg
"Marko helped me build a business that I know is right for this modern landscape. And I definitely wouldn't have got there without him. It was a thought-provoking process, and I highly recommend him."
Andrew Coyle
Shared Beliefs, Melbourne
"The program helped me to be seen as an expert, not a vendor, and so win new projects without excessive pitches."
Mark Eyrich
Licht & Stories, Austria


I‘m guiding creative pros to build million dollar businesses and beyond, doing what they love doing most.

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From low budget to high-ticket-clients

No access to premium budgets.
We tweaked the service based offer so they could solve bigger problems.
Revenue increased by nearly 2x, and they are closing more deals at higher margins while continuing to attract better clients.

"Follow his program, put in the effort, and stick it out. Your business will never be the same."

Aaron Johnson
Stewart Design, USA

From a tiny studio to  niche leader

Thinking too small.
We expanded his offering from selling videos to something that attracted bigger investors.
The studio, became the biggest video marketing agency in the crypto space in just one year.

"We have grown from a tiny studio to a huge one in just a year."

Joeri Pross
Hypercube, Netherlands

From local businesses to global brands

Attracting the wrong people.
Adapting their services based offer as well as their market positioning to attract bigger brands.
The studio has grow 40% in the first year and 100% in the second year and is now working with brands like META, Headspace, etc.

"We tripled our revenue within 18 months after working with Marko."

João Freitas
Mezzolab, Portugal

Past Industry

"I met Marko at his previous company, which we had hired to do an overall brand review of our platform (and over 50 channels) in Malaysia. — My team and I were very impressed at how Marko seemed to get exactly what we were after right from the start."
Rob Middelton
Astro, Malaysia
"We gave Marko and the team very little by way of a brief, and even less by way of time to complete the job. The job was done, exceeding our expectations." 
Cyba Audi
TV-Host, Dubai
"His attention to detail is only matched by his ability to get to the essence of ideas and organizing the work into a flawless delivery."
Samer lahoud
TBWA, Dubai


Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to brand 60+ tv stations around the globe. At most of them, I was in charge of client communication, budgeting, and creative direction.
Over the years, almost a billion people have seen my broadcast work on air.
The clients I worked for taught me the art of business for creative studios, and I'm grateful and consider it an honor to have met so many great people on the way.