Deal with the 7 Creative Mindf*cks to break through your glass ceilings

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The 7 Creative Mindf*cks

Your environment the society and past challenges shape how you think and behave. There are programs running in the back of your mind that prevent you from getting where you want to be. Such limiting beliefs keep you small.

No matter where you are in your journey, chances are that you haven't reached your full potential and maybe even struggle because of one of the 7 creative mindf*cks.

I'm here to help company owners and entrepreneurs to reveal and release those limiting beliefs so they can break through their glass ceilings.

1. Scarcity MF

You look left and right at your competitors. This competitive mindset leads to indecision due to a lack of focus.

2. Overthinking MF

You are busy planing, revising your offers, your website and seek for quick fixes. You are procrastinating.

3. Hero MF

You tell yourself that "great work sells itself". You are trying hard, but don't get anywhere. Hustling is your new mantra.

4. Money MF

Deep down you fear money due to our social conditioning. You may even self-sabotage once success comes in sight.

5. Knowledge MF

You consume information through books, courses and Youtube. You want to know it all before you take action.

6. Imposter MF

You keep yourself small. The Imposter Syndrom holds you back the moment you step out of your comfort zone.

7. Bottleneck MF

It needs to be your way. You are stressed out, and have too much work due to that inner desire for control.

Why would you want a coaching?

Limiting Beliefs

Because business is a mind-game. That glass ceiling you feel are your limiting beliefs the creative mindf*cks. I can help you to break trough.

Sounding Board

It's lonely at the top. You want someone to talk to. You can't expect your spouse to be your sounding board. You need that outside perspective.

Second Opinion

Get my unfiltered advice, I won't hold back. I'll argue as if it would be my own business, so it becomes easier for you to find your true path.

How it works

Step 1
Setup Call
We'll schedule a 30 minute set-up call to go through your expectations.
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Step 2
1:1 Sessions
We'll work on specific business challenges and tackle the connected limiting belief.
Step 3
VIP Support
Enjoy 24/7 VIP support via email and/or private messaging.


Business Performance

We work over zoom and meet once a week.
For entrepreneurs that want to work on themselves & their business.
10x 60 min private sessions
3-month support period
EUR 10.000
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A public group coaching workshop in your city where your peers can join in.
2 full days in your city
You provide the room
Minimum of 10 people

USD 1.000 p.p.


We work over zoom and solve one problem.
If you want to find and release what's holding them back.
3x 60 min private session
3-week support period
*prices exclude VAT (only relevant to businesses in EU countries).

Coaching Results

"Marko helped me build a business that I know is right for this modern landscape. And I definitely wouldn't have got there without him. It was a thought-provoking process, and I highly recommend him."
Andrew Coyle
Shared Beliefs, Melbourne
"Hey Marko, it will  be probably another week until I’m ready for the next session. I’ve already applied what we’ve talked about and it has made it easy to close deals and I have a bit too much work on!!!"
Daniel Neale
Motionstory, Byron Bay, Australia

Is this for you?

If you are a creative business owner and if you are responsible for the future of the company, then yes THIS IS FOR YOU!

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