Red Bull TV

—The Future of Audience Engagement?

The Challenge

How can a newbie to the market engage global audiences?

We were asked to brand the new global online tv station, Red Bull TV. This involved developing a complex, but simple-to-use, graphical system and a motion language that could be used across all communication channels and engage a global audience. 

The Solution

Become part of their lifestyle.

With its powerful platform, Red Bull TV goes where the audience is. The visuals seemingly spread throughout media platforms, keeping the unique content at heart and inspiring the audience to engage with the brand.  

Red Bull TV defined the future of brand engagement.

The audience grew, and the channel became an exclusive host for global, on-demand entertainment.

Red Bull TV became the experience itself.

Red Bull TVs' exclusive content not only reflects but creates the spirit of the brand. Keeping the distinct footage at the center of attention, we decided to develop a content-driven visualization of the brands' spirit.

We developed a design that kept the engaging content at the center. It attracts the audience by revealing the spirit of the moment.

A functional and highly responsive graphical system. The station idents reveal the moment of maximum engagement


A variety of assets and templates were developed to quickly incorporate the new design throughout all Red Bull TV departments, and its global network of suppliers. 

The Conceptual Idea

We unleash the spirit of the moment.

Red Bull TV delivers fascinating moments in sport, culture, and life from all corners all over the world, revealing the magic of life.

An exclusive way of speaking.

We created a unique and dynamic visual system that easily spreads and adapts to any media platform. 

The spirit derives from the logo, and represent the essence of the Red Bull audience by engaging with the content. Every winglet is exposing moments in which people grasp the „essence of life“ itself.

Brand Assets

Brand meets audience.

Design Implementation via custom made production templates & brand assets

Motion templates, brand assets and specific guidelines that go into the detail of each and every element where delivered. 

Project Scope

TV Channel Launch
Brand Identity
Production Assets

Company: Red Bull TV, Austria

Executive Creative Director : Andreas Hoess 
Project Management: Ulrike Mast, Susann Eckardt
Art Direction: Simon Picton, Benjamin Cuénod

Pace Integration: Daniel Mayer

Studio: Pedall & Pedall GbR
Creative Direction: Peter Pedall, Marko Pfann
Account Management: Marko Pfann, Tatjana Wegele 

Design & Animation: Alex Matthäi, Marta Rumszauer, Claus Pedall, An Ngoa, Michael Dolfen, Peter Pedall, Alissa Pedall, Jörg Fuchs, Matthäus Wildauer, Marko Pfann

Brand Asset Development: Marta Rumszauer 
Template Development & Coding: Aitor Benavent Cabañas, Peter
Pedall, Marko Pfann 

Print, Offline & Stationary: Alexander Giandomenico
Font Development: Jakob Runge
Audio & Compositing: 

“Red Bull TV is setting new standards in the way entertainment brands engage with their audience.”

–Marko Pfann, Creative Direction / Account Management

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