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Listen in and learn from creative legends, who unfold their personal and professional playbook and show us how they broke through their glass ceilings.

Season 1 — The Value of Creativity


Season 1, Episode 6 / April 2023

What startups can learn from

Ezequiel Abramzon
Brand Consultant
Ezequiel is a brand consultant & former Vice President of Global Product Creation at Disney. Listen in to learn what startups can learn from big corporations and why branding is so important in this process.

Territory Studio

Season 1, Episode 5 / March 2023

Think big; create frameless

David Sheldon-Hicks
The future of creativity is frameless, it's innovative yet creatives need to learn how to lead their clients into this bright new future.


Season 1, Episode 4 / February 2023

Creativity is a super-power

Simon Dixon & Aporva Baxi
Creativity is far more than good design. DixonBaxi understands creativity as a superpower that shatter limiting beliefs to create deep and lasting connections between clients and their audiences.


Season 1, Episode 3 / January 2023

The 4-day work week

Nico Puertollano
Listen to Nico and find out how Rezonate manages a team across the globe on a 4 day work week. Learn more about cultural differences and their Culture Handbook!


Season 1, Episode 2 / December 2022

The 4 keys to creative success

PJ Richardson
Listen to PJ and find out what it takes to get to the top and what the future holds for artists.


Season 1, Episode 1 / November 2022

Residence; The future of the creative industry?

Justin Cone
Head of Special Ops
Listen to Justin and find out what Residence is all about and how that might just revolutionise the creative industry.
Season 1 — Episode 7

Why change?

Jim Antonopoulos
Season 1 — Episode 8

Topic: tba

Marcel Ziul
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