A *by invitation only mastermind for creative entrepreneurs that strive to do better

Find balance without sacrificing your studio nor your life.

This mastermind is for creative entrepreneurs and studio owners that want to enjoy life without sacrificing their studio. You’ve build a home for yourself and your team, yet you want to take a step back.

This is a group of high-achievers that have build an amazing company, yet want to get more balance back into their personal live. 


You are at a stage in your life where you don’t have to prove yourself to the industry anymore. You realised that there are things in life that are more important.

Yet you are trapped in the business you’ve built. A business that relies on you. People that are trained to rely on you. Clients that are trained to rely on you. No system, weak processes. No time. No freedom.

Start preparing you studio for a potential future exit. And let’s be honest, that day will come. Don’t you want to hand your business over to someone worthy? To do that you need to build the systems and train your people. That is what we do in this mastermind.

A system

In our mastermind, we seek out opportunities, build and implement systems, and train people using them.

The goal is have a studio that doesn't rely on its founder anymore. Such a studio is highly valuable to outside investors.

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You’ll have a group of peers that are on a similar path, learn fro them and share your experiences so we all get ahead together.
You’ll gain back balance. The core ideology is to create a balance between fame, fortune and freedom. 
Find peace knowing that your studio and your team not only can survive but strive when you take some time out.
Prepare you studio for a potential future exit. Meaning you may be able to sell your studio and semi-retire at some point.

What you'll get


Monthly webinars that help to build value, and master the process of selling a studio.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers on relevant topics like training executive teams, or process integrations.


A community of like-minded peers that you can ask for help and share your insights 24/7.

How it works

We have bi-weekly zoom calls and meet in person once or twice a year. There will be webinars and you’ll be asked to contribute to it, too. 

There will be tasks to perform for the upcoming weeks, and you’ll be held accountable by the community. If you have questions you can ask the community for help and their insights 24/7.

Your Investment


Annual membership
Bi-weekly group calls
12x 1:1 sessions
Peers to talkt to
Community access
2 events per year (EU/US)

EUR 20.000

Be brave — let's talk. 😎

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Thinking about building a legacy that you can pass on?

Be brave — let's talk. 😎

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