The Imposter Syndrome — Our Zone Of Comfort

This article explains WHY as a community we need to change, why we need to become more tolerant, and for our peace, we need to look beyond the familiar and explore, even embrace another perspective.

Letters to Creatives — Edition #7

by Marko Pfann
March 24th, 2022
Footage by Zoran Borojevic

This is about the imposter syndrome. The thing that is holding us back from reaching the next level in our personal and business evolution.

The imposter syndrome IS that voice in your head. It's the voice of your peers, friends, and colleagues from the industry. The voice silently whispers whenever you dare to go out of your comfort zone.

It's a fierce competition. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me how humble the community still is.

This community is the place where we feel safe, right? This safe zone is our comfort zone.
We don't "create" for our clients but for the community's approval (AKA awards). It's our safe zone which is great, yet it also holds us from reaching for more.

As the author Kurt Vonnegut said — "…have you gone to the edge to look back at those still standing in the center, seeing all kinds of things you didn't see before?"

No, we haven't. We fear it because we don't understand the world outside our industry. People out there have values we don't understand or, worse, we can not align with (AKA the money mindset). Still, those people that we are not aligned with write our checks. And we want to get more of them. Still, we struggle to step out of our comfort zone so that we can start understanding their world. Embracing their worldview.

The moment you silence your inner critics and take that step, you will awaken. You will see the light like Neo did. I'm serious; this is not me overexaggerating. I don't need to sell you this worldview. But I love you as I love the creative industry. And I want you to evolve like I want my kids to grow and evolve.

It is my responsibility to help my kids to "non-conform." but how can I expect them to grow and evolve into their full potential if they never step out of their comfort zone? If I don't try to challenge their world views, their paradigms. What if I don't get them to step out of their comfort zones, silencing their voices? I would fail as a parent; I would fail as a father.

This is the spirit I want my kids to grow up with. And isn't that the essence of the creative industry, to non-conform? Yet we all focus on being so different from the rest outside our zones that we become all the same within our zones. We are clones. We wear the same shirts, use the same computers, the same phones, the same mood boards, the same inspirations (Behance).

We follow trends, have the same heroes, agree on the same values and make sure no one steps out of this zone. Because if people would step out, it would destroy our safe zone; that's why we hear this voice in our heads.

The imposter syndrome is the collective voice of the industry telling you not to step out of your; of our comfort zone.

Don't listen to it. Embrace starting something new.

I help creatives achieve creative freedom by turning them into a business investment for their dream clients.  

If this resonates with you, then you are my kind of people, and you should message me.

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