The Magic of Motion Design

Why should you consider Motion Design in your marketing?

1. Because it provides clarity

Just as some ideas are easier introduced in the form of graphics, complex explanations are easier digested in motion. Packs of information can become hugely simplified by showing rather than telling.

    By using text, animation and audio, your explanation will become structured, and your message will be so much easier to absorb by your audience.

And by simplifying complex ideas into visually compelling animations, you capture the attention of your audience long enough to leave your message for them to consume.

2. How is Motion Design used?

The obvious usage of Motion Graphics in today’s media landscape are product and explanation videos or even tv ads. You usually see this on television or website landing pages and in social media ads.

But there exists a much older usage of motion graphics in the tv and film industry.

Title sequences drag the audience into the experience of watching the movie. They build the stage and set the mood. They trigger your emotions for what is to come.

Another usage of Motion Design can be found in television branding. TV channels are a linear stream of content. These streams need structure to be consumed by your audience. And that is done by animated graphics, i.e. motion graphics.

Any show owns an animated graphical package as their unique branding. Graphical transitions help us to transit from one show to another, and to mentally close the last story while opening for the new input.

More animated graphics are used to lead us through the program and offer valuable information as to airing times of movies or shows, as well as the channels core values and its positioning on the market.

Nоt only dоеѕ motion graphics content make complex information more visually appealing, but it is also an excellent way to present the key messages, the ideas and values of your brand. It increases the awareness of your service or product to a much wider audience and extends your market reach.

3. So, what is the magic of Motion Design?

The magic of Motion Design is the clarity and structure it brings to complex ideas.

    Using clarity as a tool, you not only increase the attention span of your audience, but also you build more trust through the transparency you establish with Motion Graphics.

This leads to more interest in your product and your brand which finally leads to more sales.

Why do brands need Motion Design as a marketing tool?

1. For an effective persuasion

I usually believe what I see, and that is how most of your audience is behaving as well. We connect to what we experience, much more than to what we are told or what we read in the newspaper.

And that is where the power of animated sequences, communicating a message whilst triggering emotions, comes to play.

    When your brain follows a story, it receives that plot as an actual experience.

People love ѕtоrіеѕ. We humans are attracted to them. Audio and moving images literally paint a picture that is easy to digest. Now that your audience has your painted picture in mind, you can implement the message you want to communicate. That might be your latest shiny product or the values your brand communicates.

    It is an easy inception because you by-pass the brains filters.

You usually hesitate when receiving information from someone you don’t know. But not so much with a painted picture and a story.

Through animation, viewers retain over 50% more information than just viewing images with texts.

They actually have a 93% recall of specific information with audio and visual, in contrast to a 10% recall with just plain text alone. That is because our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

Also your audience learns 200% more through video than with just audio content.

2. To increase your Market Awareness

Mоtіоn Design lеts уоu еxtеnd your mаrkеtіng reach and your awareness towards the consumer. I am not talking about the additional channels you can broadcast at, like electronic bіllbоаrdѕ, on social media or tеlеvіѕіоn. I am talking about spreading your message outside of your market and target audience to expand your awareness to new audiences.

3. For effective Content Marketing

Motion Design has taken the content marketing industry by storm. Content creators are now able to condense the wordy, complex information into something that is visually captivating.

Furthermore, brands hаvе realized the ѕеаrсh engine benefits that mоtіоn designs bring tо online mаrkеtіng ѕtrаtеgіеѕ; Google is ranking the videos much higher in SERPs than the static text-based web pages.

    According to a lot of internet retailer shops, the online shoppers are over 80% more likely to make a purchase of the product or service after watching a motion graphics video.

Online retailers have already tested and proven for themselves that whenever someone new watches their videos online, they are more likely to purchase, spend more time on their site, and raise their order volume.

    In the B2B market, motion graphics are great storyteller that can effectively trigger engagement and interaction immediately.

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