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It's funny how the little things make the biggest impact.  —I am running a soft launch for my masterclass, in which I teach creatives everything they need to know to make it big someday (soon).

Letters to Creatives — Edition #5

by Marko Pfann
March 8th, 2022
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The one thing I get asked most often (behind closed doors) is, "WHERE do I find clients"?

— People seem to believe that there is a "secret place" where their dream clients flock together and all they need is the map to get there.

That's not the solution.

The solution is your offer (WHAT) not WHERE you find them.

When I ask WHAT they offer, people start listing their services.

Let's take motion-design, for example.

Next, they tell me all the different deliveries they COULD theoretically produce, like explainer videos, title sequences, show packages, branded animations, character animations, and so on.

Yet when I interrupt and point out that ten others in that masterclass are selling the same thing, they become frustrated.

See, getting more clients (leads) is not about WHERE you find them.

If you don't have an offer that is "in demand," no one will even notice; more likely, you will annoy them when you reach out and introduce your services.

— Twice a day, I get an email from some random Indian web-design company offering me everything from SEO to PHP to PYTHON to CONTENT to BEST WEB DESIGN and BEST ANIMATIONS, etc.

That's how it feels like when someone comes and introduces their services without matching your demand.

So I explain that no one (besides companies with no budgets) wants to buy your services. People have needs, and those needs are not motion-design.

Their needs are:

  • being noticed on social media
  • selling more products
  • getting more leads
  • finding a loving partner
  • being healthy
  • etc.

Their desires IS the demand you need to match. So how do you do this?

Take their desires and come up with a solution through your services.

  • Desire = being noticed on social media
  • Demand = content marketing
  • Service = motion graphics

Now ask yourself WHO these people are. Are they entrepreneurs, consultants, employees? WHICH market are they in?

  • Occupation = coach
  • Market = Fitness

Now think about solutions you could OFFER to those people.

For example, you could help fitness coaches be noticed online through animated social media campaigns > think "next-level carousels"> You create one a week for them on a predefined topic.

Now you got an offer that might even be in demand.

All you need to do is test it:

  • Go on LinkedIn
  • Search for fitness coaches
  • Ask if you can do one animated carousel for free (yes, for free)
  • Produce it and learn on the job
  • Post it on LinkedIn & Instagram (no one cares about your website)
  • Reach out to 30 more fitness coaches

If you get at least three sales out of this, you've built yourself an in-demand business.

This is HOW you get plenty of dream client's into your business:
Create an offer that meets their demand.

Here's a video around that subject —> 

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