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Creative Freedom —How to finally attain that elusive state

IF you want to understand WHY your clients don't appreciate your work and keep micromanaging your process, then read the following lines.

Letters to Creatives — Edition #6

by Marko Pfann
March 15th, 2022

"Creative freedom" seems to be the holy grail in our industry. Yet only a very few ever attain it.

Do you know why?

Because most creatives buy into the creative paradigm of "hard work leads to success." Yet the lucky ones have a different mantra: They aim to be a "business investment."

Let me explain via the following example:
If you buy a chair, you don't hire a carpenter; you buy the chair. Services are intangible and will therefore be seen as an expense—something business people want to avoid at all costs. No matter how hard the carpenter worked on the chair, it still is an expense.

Yet we try to sell design services and complain about clients cutting our prices and micromanaging our work.

Do you get my point?

Creative freedom won't come from being the best carpenter out there. It won't come from offering the best design services. No matter how good you become—you are still a marketing expense.

Creative freedom comes from providing the perfect chair for a specific client's needs. When you need a new desk chair, you could go to IKEA to keep the costs low. Yet most of you designers out there own a Herman Miller Aeron Chair, right?! They sell for around 1.300€.

Sure, they last longer, they support your back, they are more comfortable, and since you are sitting on that chair for 12 hours a day anyway it seems to be a good inestment. The point is—YOU convinced yourself that it was an excellent investment to spend 1.300€ on a chair.

Once your work becomes an investment, you will have all the creative freedom you need. If not, clients will keep micromanaging your process and cutting your budgets.

How do you turn your services (marketing expenses) into a business investment?

Don't sell motion graphics; sell a "video sales funnel that converts better than email newsletters. Sell the "best-selling product launch campaign," not film production.

Focus your studio on solving one specific problem better than anyone else, and clients will stop micromanaging your process or cutting your budgets.

It's how you finally attain creative freedom.

I help creatives achieve creative freedom by turning them into a business investment for their dream clients.  

If this resonates with you, then you are my kind of people, and you should message me.

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