Never hire a business coach — outside your industry

Yesterday, I talked to a VFX artist who wants to open up his own shop. He has been juggling with this idea for years now.

Letters to Creative Studio Owners — Edition #3

by Marko Pfann
March 2nd, 2022

Part of what was holding him back was confusion. This confusion came from bad advice. He got advice from business consultants that he even paid money to help him gain clarity.

The first question those consultants asked him was, what is your process? And unless you ARE an entrepreneur already, you don’t know what that means. At least not as a creative person.

Now let me answer: A process is how you get your clients from A to B, from today to a better tomorrow. This is not the creative process we are talking about, but the touchpoints when your clients interact in your creative process, like a briefing workshop, an over-shoulder, or the delivery. There’s a whole concept behind this that I won’t get into here.

Next question those BUSINESS consultants asked: What’s your USP. Seriously, you can not ask a creative person without assistance. The thought process triggered by such questions WILL lead to the quest for your purpose as a creative. Of course, you are getting confused, even depressed.

My answer to this: Your USP is your perspective. Let me give you an example. My approach to helping creative people is to help them win the client, not the pitch. Having a different perspective will help you solve your client’s problems in new and better ways. Yet it doesn’t need to be that hard.

Get a business consultant that achieved what you want to achieve. Make sure he’s from the same (or closely related) industry that you are in.

He will understand your problems better and what is really holding you back from taking action.

If you are a creative person that needs business advice. DM me.

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