Marko teaches design studios the art of the creative pitch.

Official Bio

Markos insights on pitching, branding and positioning stem from 15 years of branding in the broadcast industry, launching more than 60 tv-channels around the world and running his own business.

He is known for actionable advice always focusing on results for his clients. Marko co-started Perfect Accident in Munich and won 20 top-notch design awards as a motion-designer and creative-director. Plus, his work has been published in PAGE Magazine and the PromaxBDA Brief.

Today, Marko advises the RevThink community on new business development and is the author of Promise-Positioning™.

His genius is a client-focused approach to develop pitch experiences that attract great brands to any design studio.

Marko is writing a book on positioning to help creative studios to stand out in a crowded marketplace. And his upcoming course on pitching teaches the process to win dream clients.

After touring Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East as a designer, director, and business owner, Marko has settled with his family at the beautiful lake Tegernsee near Munich, Germany.  

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This January, I will be speacking at the CATALYST 2018 | Amsterdam event hosted by /REVTHINK/.