Marko's approach: Learning to sell creativity will unlock unknown potential, and open new doors.

Marko Pfann is a brand strategist at RevThink, helping creative studios to build a kickass positioning and teaches selling it. 

He believes whole-heartedly that mastering sales is the obvious next step in your evolution as a creative business. 

Marko started as a designer. But contrary to popular cliques, he never dropped out of high-school nor does he have any tattoos.

Nonetheless, within 13 years, Marko received some 20+ top-notch design awards and branded more than 60+ tv-networks in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Among others, Marko's work has been featured in PAGE magazine, Computer Arts and on Motionographer.

Launching a rapidly growing motion-design studio took Marko and his former business partner less than two years. Winning multiple 7-figure contracts quickly turned their boutique studio into what people call an overnight success.

Being trusted to work on a strategic level with such heavy-weights as Germanys national tv-station Das Erste and Chinas global tv-network CGTN quickly advanced their reach.

Oman TV trusted them with another 7-figure branding project and Astro; the Asian jumbo paid tv-network asked to rebrand 50 of their tv-channels in one swoop.

After selling his shares, Marko went on teaching his insights to creative studios. His clients achieved similar results, being trusted to handle million dollar assignments as boutique studios. Markos coaching career started in 2015 when a befriended studio owner asked to help secure and manage the global tv-network branding and launch of Red Bull TV.


Today, Marko coaches studio owners in the US and Europe on Selling Creativity, as part of the RevThink consulting team. Also, he serves as a mentor at the RMIT University of Melbourne, Australia.

»My team and I were very impressed at how Marko seemed to get exactly what we were after right from the start.«

Rob Middleton, VP Network Presentation Astro, Malaysia

»We gave Marko and the team very little by way of a brief, and even less by way of time to complete the job. The job was done, exceeding our expectations.«

Cyba Audi, Founder, Saba Consultants, Dubai UAE

»His attention to details is only matched by his ability to get to the essence of ideas and organizing the work into a flawless delivery.«

Samer Lahoud, Creative Director, Havas Worldwide, Dubai UAE

»Marko is an inspiring leader that gets out the best of you; a listener, a maker, a problem-solver. Solid as a rock when the stress-level rises.«

Christiane Scheibe, Art Director & former employee
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